We Help Digital Marketing Agencies Manage, Automate, & Scale Their Agency Business.


Back in 2012, when we were running Digital Next in Miami and Manchester,
we started custom building mini-tools for our agency (at that time churning over $8 mil revenue)

We coded up the Sales CRM to generate and track the status of all our leads and a
Project Management module to manage the client projects internally.

We realised we needed to set up accounts for our recurring clients,
so they can add and track their projects. Task Module was built for that reason.

We topped it off with a Happiness Score metric to see which clients
are happy with our work and which ones needed immediate attention.

We also had a pretty awesome relationship with 19,000+ sites.
We decided to develop a new Guestpost Outreach Module in Collabx
to automate the manual and time-consuming blogger outreach process.

Soon we saw we had built something powerful - beyond any ERPs.

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Collabx Was Born.

The only software that helps in end-to-end management of everything an agency needs.


April 2012 - William was in India. Over beers, Vaibhav and he drew a framework for a software that could help their agency fly higher


October 2012 - Vaibhav and his team started building mini-tools to ease their pain-points


September 2017 - Vaibhav was in Miami. While Digital Next didn’t exist, Vaibhav had built on the framework over 5 years. William pushed him to productise it.


January 2018 - Vaibhav and his team started working on the UI/ UX


November 2018 - Collabx was officially launched


March 2019 - Used by 58 Agencies + over 300 of our own clients who we manage smoothly with Collabx