The Only Software You Need To Run Your Digital Marketing Agency

Built To Handle End-To-End Operations Of Your Agency(No More dissociated Softwares That Don’t Talk To Each Other.)

We are currently working with a close group of agencies to test and polish the CollabX software.
Come, join the camp!


Sales CRM

A complete CRM to handle sales for your organisation. Single click conversion from a sales prospect to a project within Collabx.

Task Module

Plan all the tasks and sub tasks under your projects, assign to team and ensure that things are tracked and get done in time.

Team Management

Assign and see what tasks you team is working on in realtime. Know how much time is spent on each project and task.

Blogger Outreach

Blogger Outreach

Immediate access to 19,000+ Publisher Sites. Send bulk emails. Monitor links. Manage outreach.


Communicate with client and your team (in-house or external) in the same place.

Send & Track Sales Emails

Open rate signals & automated responders gives your reps a competitive edge

Log Calls
Record & Review Calls

All inbound/outbound calls recorded and stored for review or evaluation

Send Invoices & Close Deals

Create custom invoices to prospects, send and track payment status

Real Time Project Updates

See what’s happening in each project- tasks, comments & status


Secure Your Agency From Any Leaks

No More Vulnerabilities: Access only through registered devices

Single Dashboard Communication: Your clients and team (in-house and external) all in one place with defined permissions

Protected Hosting: Host all data on your own servers – on cloud or on-premise

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& Leads

Sales CRM For Your Agency : The only CRM you need to handle sales for your organisation.

Single-click conversion from a sales prospect to a project within Collabx.

Phone and Lead Tracking for your clients : Track all leads generated for your clients in one platform.

Enable clients to track web lead-source and phone calls Provide access to clients to manage leads – getting them more organised

At Scale

Guest post outreach : State of the art outreach module allowing agencies to run large-scale outreach programs.

Email marketing : Import email databases to send newsletters or set-up autoresponders

You can also send personalised emails to contacts or create templates and run bulk email campaigns.

In-built inbox to see mails, with added feature to see if a mail has been read or not opened yet.

We chose Collabx because it has got everything. Sales automation to track and convert our leads. Once the lead is closed, we can manage and assign project tasks to our team directly from Collabx. The tool is easy, feature-rich, and works seamlessly without overwhelming us. For the first time, we feel our operation workflow is truly organised.

Gareth Hoyle, Managing Director at Marketing Signals

Collabx performed way better than other solutions we have used in the past, including even the top notch companies. It’s cost effective and still manages to pack in tons of features and process model that actually make sense. A key deciding factor was learning that the people who built this product actually made it to manage their in-house operation workflow. Kudos to the DWS team for releasing Collabx for all of us.


Our sales revenue is getting better every month. Collabx integrates with our PPC campaigns and ads so we are able to ensure leads don’t slip away.

Michael Moshkovich, Director of Internet Marketing at Get Visible

Collabx can save Digital Marketing Companies $100k every year.

Track All Communication In One Place: Communicate with client and your team (in-house or external) in the same place.

Operational Chaos

Say GoodBye To Operational Chaos

Many agencies use up to 10 softwares to manage their operations and processes, making it impossible to get a Bird’s eye view.

  • Missed Opportunities
  • Unachieved Targets
  • Tampered Growth trajectory

Built Brick-By-Brick While We Ran Our Agency

When off-the-stay generic softwares (read Asana, Teamwork, Basecamp etc) couldn’t contain our agencies workflow, we started building Collabx for ourselves. This was 2012. Over 7 years, ouragency grew to GBP 4 million and Collabx rose from its ashes.

Operational Chaos