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At CollabX, we offer a wide range of innovative CRM solutions leveraging the best of technology and industry expertise. Our solutions are fully integrated, user friendly, cost-effective and fully customizable that moulds to the needs of your business. It enables integration of processes across multiple offices and outlet locations.


CollabX CRM solutions help you streamline your business and let you discover innovative ways to grow. Its workflow system and web-based real-time management information system provides superior business process management capability for faster response to customer demands.



Operational CRM systems focuses on using software applications which help incorporate the various sets of information available on each customer into one place. It provides support to front-office business processes that involve direct interaction with customers through any communication channel, such as phone, fax, e-mail, etc.

The details of every interaction with customers, including their requirements, preferences, topics of discussion etc. are stored in the customers’ contact history and can be retrieved by the organization’s staff for rapid service and response. This kind of CRM software solutions provides a support centre to the sales, marketing and customer service departments. It can also be used for customer service & support, sales and marketing automation.


The major goal of collaborative CRM applications is to improve the quality of services provided to the customers, thereby increasing the customer’s loyalty. Collaborative systems focus on integrating external contacts – like vendors and distributors – and providing data to its customers through an extranet.
This allows the customers to be proactive about improving the service they get from the company, by providing them with a support centre, new tools, and technologies like instant messaging. It allows easier collaboration with customers, suppliers, and business partners and, thus, enhances sales and customer services across all the marketing channels.


Analytical CRM look into customer data from an analytical angle to come up with sales and marketing strategies that can be effective for future sales. It helps our customers to extract and understand important insights, profitable customers, patterns and trends that help to improve performance of the business.

This allows the company to look at the data from a wider angle, allowing for better creation of long term strategies for sales and customer management. This helps to approach the customers with pertinent information and proposals that satisfy their needs.


  • Sales
  • Customer care
  • Marketing
  • Retail
  • Inventory Management


  • Lead management
  • Order management
  • Employee, partners and vendor management
  • Shared calendar synchronization
  • Social media integration

  • Email and mobile integration
  • Campaign management
  • Sales, customer care and marketing automation
  • MIS
  • Instant messaging/chat support

Optimize your marketing ROI by providing qualified, sales-ready leads to your direct and partner sales teams.